Benefits Of Chiropractic: Better Posture

Does posture really matter? Absolutely! Poor posture leads to destructive forces on the spine and spinal cord that lead to misalignments and the resulting stress on surrounding muscles, joints, and nerves. If you have kids, just watch how they hunch beneath the weight of their backpacks as they walk into school. If you’ve got an office job, you know the burn that comes from slumping over your keyboard for too many hours. These repeated bad postures are more than moments in time; they can set you up for eventual structural changes that will require some effort to reverse. 

Regular chiropractic adjustments keep those misalignments from becoming fixated and destructive, allowing for muscle activation and proper motion. We are all subject to the same gravitational restrictions here on Earth, and most of us put ourselves in situations every day that have compound effects on our bodies. Chiropractic helps to combat those forces of gravity, especially when teamed with exercise and strength training. 

Remember, prolonged poor posture leads to a down-regulation or slowed communication of the nerve impulses that supply the joints and muscles so that they may work as intended. Get your posture checked by a chiropractor and start the process of healthy alignment.

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