Benefits Of Chiropractic: Boosts Immunity!

It’s fall(ish), and North Texas temps are swinging from 90 to 60 and back again—who else is feeling congested and run down? Yep, welcome to cold season! But really, our immune systems are under constant attack, not just from the weather, but from all the junk and toxins in the air, even the foods we eat, and stress (we know, we know—we keep calling out stress). And then we don’t exercise enough and don’t do enough to detox, so then here comes the inflammatory cascade to activate, or really over-activate, our immune systems to fight off invaders. This is a natural response that is needed for survival, but unfortunately our immune systems can’t keep up with the ever-intensifying pace and impact of our daily lifestyles. 

So is chiropractic a cure for the common cold? Well, a chiropractic adjustment does have a direct link into modulating the immune system, especially when we adjust the upper cervicals because of their proximity to the medulla, located in the mid-brain. When adjustments are given in the C1-C2 complex, sensory information is delivered to and through the medulla, directly activating the autonomic nervous system; this stimulates and mobilizes the macrophages of the bone marrow. Think of those macrophages as innate first responders, ready to fight off unwanted antigens and pathogens...i.e. the bad guys. So it’s not a cure for a cold (rest and bone broth are still best for that), but getting regular adjustments helps your immune system keep up with that constant barrage of inflammation so that your immune system will also get some rest. Chiropractic is a wonderful natural tool to keep you healthy—remember, your body and brain are only as strong as you make them everyday. Make chiropractic adjustments part of your wellness plan.

PS: At SCC, we also offer advanced nutritional assessments and plans for gut health, blood sugar management, and autoimmunity. It’s about the total package.


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