Benefits Of Chiropractic: Corrects Gait Abnormalities

(Photo by  Sheri Hooley )

Equestrians well know the importance of proper gait—when it comes to grooming a thoroughbred, gait can make or break a winner. Since you’re reading this, we’ll assume you’re not a quadruped, but for bipeds like us humans, proper gait ensures that we’ll remain upright and pain-free so that we can enjoy our journey as intended.

So what’s gait? Simple: Gait is our manner of walking on foot. 

Our bodies were created to be dynamic, to move in all directions. Our joints and muscles support much of the body’s structure, and they are most efficient when we are in an upright position—these are our normal mechanics. When alterations to our innate design occur, due to sustained poor posture and daily micro-traumas, our gait reactively changes. Most of the time we don’t even recognize changes in the way we’re walking because our brains have instinctively made the shift for us, compensating for the changes in our design. This is why some people have head tilts and don’t even know it. 

Improper gait, much like posture, can lead to imbalances in muscle control and activation; and irregular and accelerated joint erosion, especially in the low back, hip joints, knees, and ankles. When not addressed, this causes pain in the joints, muscles, and ligaments. 

Chiropractic has an innate ability to restore the body to its natural harmonious state, and should be your #1 resource for keeping your musculoskeletal system functioning optimally. Throughout our lives we walk, run, ride, roll, and sometimes sprint, but remember the destination will be so much more rewarding if we have taken care to enjoy the journey.

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