Benefits Of Chiropractic: Frees Frozen Shoulder


(Photo by  Clay Banks )

Got frozen shoulder? Please consider chiropractic before surgery! Chiropractic care can absolutely cure frozen shoulder. How, you ask? 

First, we need to understand a bit about frozen shoulder, aka adhesive capsulitis. With this condition, the ligaments and muscles surrounding the shoulder joint become extremely stiff and painful, sometimes seemingly impossible, to move. This can occur after a period of immobilization, like after a surgery or injury, but chronic tension on the shoulder joint can also cause frozen shoulder when it’s not addressed proactively. This happens because the tense muscles signal to the brain that there is injury and they begin to over-support that joint, leaving the ligaments and muscles in a constant state of contraction and inflammation.

The shoulder is a complex joint held together by multiple muscle groups. The spinal accessory nerve is one of the main nerves that supplies the shoulder girdle. By innervating the trapezius muscle and the sternocleidomastoid (SCM), these muscles stabilize the shoulder girdle. The trapezius elevates, depresses, rotates, and retracts the scapula, or shoulder blade; but with frozen shoulder these actions become challenging, painful, and even downright impossible. 

That spinal accessory nerve is especially culpable due to the innervation, but also due to its origination in the spinal cord and its pathway to the muscles in question. The spinal accessory portion of this nerve originates in the upper cervical (neck) portion of the spinal cord and travels through the junction of the first vertebrae where it meets the skull. This head-spine junction is especially important—we’ve talked at length here already about the deleterious effects of tech neck and head forward posture, as they put an inordinate amount of pressure and tension on this area of the neck. 

Dr. Hennen, as well as many chiropractors out there, had tremendous success  even with long standing frozen shoulders using a technique that adjusts the occiput and C1 junction. So before you take meds or worse, turn to surgery, find a chiropractor who knows how to work with frozen shoulder and get adjusted. It is safe and effective!

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