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Benefits Of Chiropractic: Improved Range Of Motion

What’s everyone up to this weekend? Maybe you’ve got a softball game or you’re planning a long bike ride, having one last pool party or taking the kids to play laser tag. Too often we hear people say that maybe they need to slow down or not push too hard because their bodies are stiff or in pain due or because of this thing called "aging." But don’t do it! These are precisely the moments when we need to challenge our limits. 

Our bodies are intelligently designed to move and to keep moving until the end of our lives; it is only when we downshift and decide to move less that we find ourselves on the slippery slope toward immobility and poor performance in sport and everyday life. In Dr. Hennen’s practice, we see that the patients who have received regular spinal care throughout their lives have the best range of motion, and they continue to stay active doing the things they love—they also have some of the sharpest minds. 

Increased motion in the spine both overall and on the vertebral level translates to optimal function of the neuromuscular system, which keep us mobile and dynamic. When we lose motion in our spines, we lose flexibility and muscle control, and that leads to improper gait patterns and other harmful compensations that we slowly accept over time until they become part of who we are. All motion originates in the brain and then in the spine before the action actually occurs, so if this system is inhibited long enough it will down-regulate normal communication and, consequently, normal motion. 

Chiropractic adjustments stimulate the spinal cord and brain to the keep these lines of communication open and keep you moving as you should. Our motto: Motion is life. Don’t forget that October is Chiropractic Health Month; to celebrate, we’re offering FREE CONSULTATIONS to all new patients this month. Come see us, and stay moving!

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