Benefits Of Chiropractic: Lowers Blood Pressure

Step away from the meds! Yep, there’s scientific research and loads of clinical evidence to support chiropractic as an excellent tool for managing your blood pressure: A very specific adjustment to the atlas, in the upper cervical spine, results in a marked drop in blood pressure. 

Injuries and shifts to the atlas vertebrae—whether caused by trauma from an accident, at birth, or from tech neck—can have a detrimental impact on cerebral blood flow into the brain. This puts tension on the adjacent arteries, which signals an injury, and then vessels narrow, further restricting blood flow and causing your blood pressure to go up. If misalignment in the atlas goes unattended over time, blood flow will continue to remain low and BP will continue to rise, causing brain fog, vision problems, balance and coordination issues, and more.  

In a recent placebo-controlled study, patients with early stage HBP were given atlas adjustments. The results: an average drop of 14mm Hg in systolic pressure (the top number) and an average 8mm Hg drop in diastolic pressure (the bottom number). These results are significant, proving that chiropractic can rival many BP medications and, in some cases, even out-perform meds. In other words, chiropractic adjustments are a safe, effective way to keep your blood pressure in check, and might even allow you to stop taking meds—not to mention have a clearer mind, better balance, and so on. Being well adjusted means more for your health than just your spine—it’s your brain, your body, and your BP!  

PS: Know what else is amazing for lowering blood pressure? Far infrared sauna! Come try it at our Plano chiropractic office. The first 30-minute session is just $15—bring a buddy for only $10 more.

Be well, Dr. Jake

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