Benefits Of Chiropractic: Pregnancy Pain Relief

Baby on board making you feel stiff as a board? Pregnant women should be getting adjusted for all those aches and pains on a regular basis! But ironically, only about 20 percent of pregnant women seek chiropractic care. We can certainly understand some trepidation—can I lay on my stomach? Will the baby be affected? Rest assured, chiropractic adjustments are just as safe during pregnancy, and the benefits might be all the more enjoyable, especially during that last trimester when you’re feeling the weight of it all. 

Low back pain is probably the most common complaint among moms-to-be because of the front-loaded baby weight throws mom’s center of balance off, forcing her to widen her stance and arch her back to find a comfortable position. This is known as the “duck walk.” It works for a bit, but walking in this posture also causes the hips to open, putting pressure against the sacrum. Put that together with hyperextension of the low back and over-compression of the discs and, voila, you’ve got back pain and maybe even sciatica pain, too. This can disrupt sleep—another very common complaint during pregnancy—and according to the American Pediatrics Association, sleep deprivation can dramatically increase time in labor: Even getting one hour less sleep per night can translate to almost 10 extra hours extra delivery time. Ugh! 

Also, the shifting alignment of the mother’s pelvis (to make room for the baby and compensate for the changing center of gravity) can alter the baby’s position and prevent normal births. Chiropractic offers multiple low-force techniques for expecting moms to help keep that pelvis in optimal position, relieve pain, and restore movement and function to restricted areas. We have special tables with a drop-out center to keep both mom and baby comfortable.  Adjustments are among the best holistic options for expecting moms to manage their pain and keep moving without having to rely on Rx pain medications—which are terrible for you and your little one!

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