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Benefits Of Chiropractic: Prevents Neuropathy

Ever get “pin and needles?” That tingling feeling is neuropathy, and it’s usually caused by compressive forces—inflammation, extra bone growth due to disc degeneration, and overly tight muscles—being placed on the nerve roots and on the peripheral nerves that exit from the spinal cord and vertebrae. This can be the result of a serious accident or injury, but most often neuropathy is caused by continued poor posture—like hunching over while sitting or standing for long periods of time—coupled with repetitive movements within that posture. 

Have you heard the term “sitting is the new smoking?” Well it’s just one example of how repetitive stress on the body can lead to neuropathy. For instance, that tingling in your arms and hands could absolutely be caused by sitting at your computer every day, with your head forward and your arms in a flexed position. 

Getting regular adjustments is the best way to prevent (and stop!) neuropathy anywhere in the body. How? By correcting posture and giving you the freedom of movement. If you’re following along with us, you’ve already heard us say “motion is life.” So get moving and get adjusted!

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