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Benefits Of Chiropractic: Relieves + Prevents Headaches

It’s Wednesday—bring on the midweek headaches! And since it’s also Day 9 of Chiropractic Health Month, we’re sharing one benefit of chiropractic adjustments each day…Relieving and preventing headaches is definitely a benefit! 

Headaches are complex and can have many causes, including seasonal or food allergies, malnourishment, lack of sleep, and dehydration. Migraines can also have various causes, including hormone and electrolyte imbalances, and even strong smells. But let’s talk about tension headaches. Stress, both physical and mental, is the single most common cause of headaches. When we’re overworked, overtired, have a big deadline, or we’re late to soccer practice, that old fight or flight reaction kicks in. Immediately we experience decreased blood flow to the brain and muscles, which instantly increases tension in the body. Many of us carry our tension in our necks, and all this can trigger a headache. 

Yesterday we wrote here about forward head posture, aka “tech neck,” which is another major contributor to tension headaches. Remember, for every inch your head comes forward from your shoulders, that’s an additional 10 pounds of pressure on the spine and those surrounding muscles. Of course our heads hurt! 

There are lots of things you can do to reduce and prevent tension headaches: Stay hydrated, minimize screen time (or at least remember to take breaks and move around), and manage your stress. Good ways to manage stress include exercise, deep breathing, meditation, eating anti-inflammatory foods, and good sleep hygiene. In some cases, chiropractic adjustments may provide immediate relief for an existing tension headache, and often, regular chiropractic care can fully halt chronic tension headaches. 

But the proof is in the pudding! Come see us during #chiropractichealthmonth and get a free consult and adjustment for new patients. Are you already a patient? We’re offering half-off 10-packs!


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