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Coronavirus: How to Boost Your Immunity Through Wellness Care

According to the CDC, "non-pharmaceutical interventions will be the most important response strategy" when it comes to preventing and treating Coronavirus.


Chiropractic has the power to boost the immune system. That's why Dr. Jake became a chiropractor—he believes in preventative care. We do not believe in panicking, hiding out, or living in fear; rather we encourage pragmatism and self-care as the first defense against coronavirus. 

Here's what we're doing to safeguard our office and our homes for your health and the health of our families.



Take Immune-Boosting Supplements


Dr. Jake recommends beefing up your regular regimen with these immune-boosting supplements. Call our office or talk to the doc at your next appointment about ordering supplements and correct dosing.


Chiropractic adjustments boost immunity!

The chiropractic adjustment directly activates the autonomic nervous system, stimulating the body's own first responders to fight off unwanted antigens and pathogens such as coronavirus. 

Read more about how chiropractic boosts immunity on our blog, and schedule your adjustment today.



Detox in our infrared sauna.

Sweating is a natural antidote to harmful pathogens. A 30-minute session in our infrared sauna will induce a healthy sweat for serious detoxification. Come by to boost your immune system, increase your circulation, and lower your blood pressure. First visit is just $15.


Let us take care of you. Schedule your appointment today.

Dr. Jake Hennen Dr. Jake Hennen Jake Hennen, DC is a skilled and caring chiropractor whose mission is to help people of all ages achieve optimal health and healing through chiropractic and holistic care at Spring Creek Chiropractic & Massage in Plano, Texas. He believes the body was designed to heal itself without drugs or surgery, and that chiropractic treatment is an essential part of preventative care and of keeping the body mobile.

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