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Chloe Hennen

Certified Pilates Instructor located in Plano, TX

About Chloe Hennen

Chloé Hennen (aka Mrs. Dr. Hennen) is a magazine editor by trade who found her calling to wellness care after being diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease back in 2016. Her body devastated by the effects of chronic inflammatory illness, she sought to regain her strength through regular Pilates training (in addition to consistent chiropractic care, massage, and nutrition)—and it worked. Chloé is now a Power Pilates Core Mat I and II certified instructor, and works with private clients at Spring Creek Chiropractic who are looking to regain their strength and fitness.

We are able to work with out-of-network patients as well and even offer discounts to cash patients. Please call the office if you have any questions.

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